Why is there no Sample Menu?

Our menus change a lot with the Seasons, availability, freshness, weather and the chefs whim! With the menus being small, we can't keep up with constantly changing them online as well. Therefore we don't put up a 'sample menu' as it usually disappoints if a dish is not on. We do update our Facebook page regularly, so please 'like' us on Facebook for yummy pictures of our cakes and upcoming menus. Or, sign up to our newsletter which gets sent out once a month with upcoming events, menus and news! Please email us on

Do you have a children's menu?

No. We believe that children should be able to eat anything from our menu. Although, we will happily adapt a dish for their comfort.

Why is your menu limited?

We buy in fresh daily, have a 'fun-size' kitchen and cook daily. Therefore our menu reflects this. We do not buy in any dishes and we do not have big freezers!

Can we hire the whole Bistro?

Yes you can, but as long as certain requirements are met. Please give us a ring or email for more details (01424 212550 or

Do you cater for people with Food Allergies and Intolerances?

Of course. We take this very seriously and always have an up to date allergen sheet available for those who need to view it. Staff are all fully aware. If you would like to ring us for peace of mind and double check our menu can cater, then please ring us on 01424 212550.